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KLAK is a hybrid creature.
It derives from both the passion to design and the need to build.

By doing so, we design with constructive details in mind and build with loving care while seeing the space as a whole.

Coming from the architectural field, we also developed over many years our woodworks skills, creating projects that are playful in design and professional in production. The design+build practice enables us to save time on communication with manufacturers and thus saves money to our clients. It also makes sure that the same level of attention and love are put in every step of the process. From the first sketch to the very last screw.

We speak English, German, Hebrew,  and Spanish. 

Zachi Razel

B.Arch degree from Tel Aviv University.
Born in Tel Aviv.

After my Architecture studies, and 3 years working for 1:1 Landscape Architecture and Urban Design (by Land.Arc. Havi Livne) I headed to Europe to gain experience in the Design & Build practice.

In the last 6 years I’ve been working with different studios such as Raumlabor Berlin, Recetas Urbanas (Spain) and 72 HUA (Israel/Germany), which integrate Architecture, Art, and social engagement. In between, I was commissioned independentally to design and build projects for music festivals, interiors, art installations, scenography, and exhibitions.