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Flexi Flat

January 2020

Guestroom/Living Room/Home Office. 
For this project we were challenged to include a guest bed, living room and a home office in one space. To keep the room spacious we spanned the support all the way to the wall. The need for a wide beam created the visual language. We chose arched corners to go with the windows.

Collaborators: Esther Bonneau and Raimon Sabilio
Photography: Nora Heinrich


The design is made of  2 systems. One is the main structure, and the other is the bed frame. The bed frame is “hanging” from the main structure, to give enough head room wehn sitting on top, and when climbing the stairs.

Photo: Hilla Marcelle Kook

quiet OFFIce rooms 

October 2018

Avira is one of the leading creative agencies in Tel Aviv.  Their workspace is beautiful but hectik, as many (creative) people woosh in and out, producing campaigns for local brands. Our brief was to create “quietrooms”, where people can disconnect for a while from the busy atmosphere.
By playing with transparency, a simple grid, and a 3D layout, we created 2 spaces, different in character.
One is bigger, brighter, and casual in movement, designed for small meetings. The other, is smaller, darker, and lifted. It requires a more ceremonial entrance and is designed for an intimate conversation, meditation or even a secret nap.

Collaborator: Ar. Omri Bornstein.

The stairs require removal of shoes and create a moment of separation. They are disconnected from the structure and thus are mobile.

Avira’s staff calls these rooms “Nara”, for its unintentional and yet strong reference to Japanese Architecture.

Family Loft

October 2020

This 115 sqm loft was planned as a living  exhibition and performance space. A big curtain can separate the room in a public and a private space. The aim was to create more private spaces with filtering elements without cutting them from each other.
The sleeping room hangs from the ceiling and it’s “walls” are the shelves, the clothes and plants within them. Statics, function and decoration merge together into a single object. The underside of the sleeping room is illuminated with led stripes which reinforce the levitating effect.

Photo: Andreas Mnich

The kids room is very open on the window side and gradually closes itself towards the back until becoming a cocoon.
The stairs are also a shelf and storage accessible from the kids room, the stairs and the main room.

The public part of the flat contains mainly removable furniture so that it can be completely emptied and adapted to different kinds of expectations for exhibitions. In a corner though we created a small playful sitting tribune that is also a storage.

The ceiling from the children’s room is partly open on top and communicates through a ladder and a fireman pole with the guest room on top. One can sit on the upper floor at the special desk, hanging down the feet in the air.

open bedroom

May 2020

C had recently bought a flat. The first thing she did was to take down the wall separating between the living room/kitchen and the bedroom. After a while, she realized, if her bedroom was to stay open, she would need some nice storage solutions and some level of visual separation between the spaces. We designed a shelving system, with expansion tendencies.  The deployable sideboard, acting as the main separation element, enables C to “keep her options open”. For budget reasons we divided the fabrication into 2 phases. Phase 1 is shown in the photos.

Collaborator: Raimon Sibilio.


The bulky door handles are custom made and the doors are inset fitted, to expose the playful grid lines.

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